Cut & Shave 


The Barbershop Club is a family owned business that began its roots in Kansas City and now for over 20 years has had a major presence in Los Angeles.  We are loyal to the tradition of barbershop-as-social club, it is authenticity with a twist that the modern man relates to.  Welcome to manhood.

  • Appointments
  • Beer & Wine Menu
  • Concierge Service
  • Wedding Parties
  • Consultation on all grooming products

Our Services




$45    Hair Cut

$35    Buzz Cut

$20+  Facial Grooming

$45    Safety Razor Shave

$65    Straight Razor Shave

$95    Signature Shave

          (Hands on Consultation)


** Shop Policy: 24 hour cancellation or reschedule notice is required.  If not, you will be charged for that service upon returning.

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We will be taking all appointments through online booking

beginning Nov. 1, 2014.